Naples Honey Company Honey 12 oz.

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Naples Honey Company Honey 12 oz.

Naples Honey Company was established in 1999 by Tom May, a cellist in the Naples Philharmonic. As a first anniversary present, Tom’s wife Kirsten decided to give Tom a beehive. You may think this is kind of a strange gift, but Tom is actually a 3rd generation beekeeper who spends most summers in Illinois tending to the bees at his father and brother’s “Sunny Hill Honey” farm. Since 1999 Tom has spent much of his time growing his apiary, up to 85 hives, and selling his delicious “Naples Finest Honey” at many local Farmer’s Markets.

Naples is a unique area for all kinds of wonderful tasting honey. Local honey is said to help cure the symptoms of many allergies. The bees never leave southwest Florida and always bring in the best quality honey for every taste bud.

In the spring, there is the fabulous Orange Blossoms with its great aroma and sweet citrus taste.

Later on in the spring, the Saw Palmetto a favorite with many locals is available and it comes from the palm plants in the area.